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Old 01-09-2012
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Default Is Anybody making Money ?

I'm new at this I tried the PPC spent about $100.00 over a month as a test advertizing 4 products made back $ 6.00 didn't even break even. What's the secret ? I checked all kinds of deals online making money , surveys, work at home, they all have charges or catches .
Anybody with actual income ? Help.
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Old 01-12-2012
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Smile Tested the System

I tested the system first to gain confident that I can make money. I created a Clickbank account and had a friend make a purchase through my Hoplink. It was a product that I wanted so I had him purchase it for me. Well, in a day or two, I had a commission sitting in my account. I was reassuered that this hype really does work. The question is, what is the best method to use to continue what I had just done. I am going to start with family and friends to refer them to vendor sites through my Clickbank Hoplink and hopefully some will make purchases. I will only refer products that I think they may be interested in. From there I will use Anthony's method of "Build, Send, Profit" and build my email list. Then go from there. It did not cost me anything.
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Default hello

Did the Build Send Profit work for you? how did you do that without spending any money?
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Originally Posted by DreamBig2012 View Post
Did the Build Send Profit work for you? how did you do that without spending any money?
Actually, I am still building my list. I am not using the software from Anthony. Yeah, I know. It is going to take longer, but I am going to use Microsoft Publisher to build my emails first. That is free. More work on me? Yes. But once I get my list created, I'll have to send it out myself. At this point, I am not looking to make a lot of money in a short period of time. Just a little at a time to build on for now. When I am in the position, then maybe I can purchase Anthony's software that will help build the right list for the right target and I do believe my profits will begin to increase faster.

So right now, it is not costing me anything but a lot of time. But over time I believe it will pay off. I have to manually send my emails too. That too is free but time consuming as well. But the concept will work and I look forward to making some money, a little at a time, and then build on that. If you don't have the patience and the time, then purchasing the software may be best for you if you use the Build, Send, Profit method. I work my regular job on weekends, so I am off Mon-Thu to work on my business. I have the time and patience. I would probably go with Constant Contact when I am ready to purchase anything at all. When I get into the big money, then I will purchase Anthony's products.

I can't afford to spend $1-$5K right now for coaching and probably never will pay it when I can. I trust Anthony and his products more than anyone else's, but I just won't afford it yet. I take what he teaches for free and find my own way to implement it. DreamBig2012 is your member name, but I am actually dreaming big for 2012.
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